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Stroke Information

page updated edited or tested Friday 28 August 2020

Firstly please bear in mind that by looking at these pages you acknowledge that I accept no liability for incorrect information or advice. the content is to the best of my knowledge correct at the time of writing and based on my own personal experiences

Take a look at an animated You tube clip

Next take a look at a visual guide to understanding stroke

or a more explicit medical explanation You tube clip

Stroke can effect many people of all ages and often we hear of a relatively fit and healthy person having a stroke (as was in my case) This is referred to as a cryptogenic stroke

Next let me share my personal story: I am willing to present this PowerPoint presentation or give a talk to stroke groups, churches and any other similar organizations along with a motivational talk at no charge as long as my traveling costs and local accommodation are covered

Then read a few chapters of a book on my stroke experiences that I am busy with:

Thirdly, have a look at a product suitable to help you maintain a good posture:

Please help other stroke victors by advising me if there is anything that you could not easily find on these pages. I welcome constructive feedback or criticism and after my own research will put anything on these pages if I consider to be of help to other stroke victors. I can't improve this site if you do not tell me

Some stroke victors may have a seizure in the first 5 years following a stroke. For more information see StrokeSmart and more on seizures

Sometimes I hear of new developments in stroke research and try to keep you up to date:

Having a stroke is a severe shock and one of the first questions one asks is who can help me? Where can I turn to? Following my own experience I have put some basic financial information together.

You may also be ready to get out and about again so here is some tips and advice on mobility

Feeling sorry for yourself? Please don't and please do not invite me to your pity party! You are alive and there are people who have it a lot worse of than yourself but still enjoy life and find something useful to do

The first thing I want to say is you improve with God's help and the efforts that you put into your own recovery. No medication or professional could ever heal you. All Professionals can do is offer good advice and guidance. You will have to learn to 'think out of the box' and possibly think of your own ways in which you can help yourself when professional help is not at hand!

To try to maintain a full range of motion I devised a simple pulley system and by looking into a mirror try to keep my shoulders level and give my arm a twice daily good stretch and to keep it moving.

Giving my arm a good stretch
A mirror ensures that my shoulders are level
Exercising my arm

I have been humbled to having been nominated for the Stroke Association's Life after Stroke awards in the adult Courage Award (18 to 64 years old section) for several years. To see the certificates which I have received

Having had to do normal things with only one hand I have had to find new ways of doing things and had to find product to help me

Useful links


Many people tell me that I inspire them and so in the strength and guidance of our Lord I have figured out how to do a few simple everyday task with only one hand. Please enjoy looking at my You Tube inspirational clips on how to tackle certain tasks using only one hand.

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